One Hour Consultation
  • 1-Hour Consultation

  • Starting at $175 ($25 for each additional 15 min.)

  • Improvements suggested to aesthetically enhance your entire home; room by room.

  • Review of the exterior of your home, with recommendations made for better curb appeal.

  • Paint colors suggested & selected for universal compatibility.

  • List provided for the do’s & don’ts to follow on the day of a showing.


Three Hour Consultation
  • 3-Hour Consultation

  • Starting at $225 ($75 for each additional hour)

  • Hands on transformation of one room selected by homeowner. (No shopping needed)

  • Review of remaining homes interior & exterior, with recommendations made for improvements.

  • Paint colors suggested & selected for universal compatibility.

  • List provided for the do’s & don’ts to follow on the day of the showing.

Special Notes

Shopping, if needed, takes one full day on average–sometimes longer depending on the amount of items needed, sourcing, and traffic restrictions. We may be able to stage the purchased items in the same day, but this may not always be the case.

Homeowners need to be aware that this is an unpredictable element specific to your staging needs and should allow for a variety of varying issues that may come up.

All items purchased are the financial responsibility of the homeowner and are not included in the cost of Home Staging Consultation Packages.

Each staging package includes a complimentary 53 miles of travel, each way, for a total of 106 round trip miles. Any residence which exceeds this mileage total, will incur a $15 charge for each (1-15 mile) overage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to clean and straighten my home before you come for a consultation or to stage my home?

Yes. It is important for us to see how you would normally show your home, so we can provide you with the most thorough and comprehensive consultation. We need to see what your prospective buyers will see. Buyers will not tell you why they are not making an offer on your home–they just move on. We will advise you as to what you can do to increase your chances of getting that offer on your home.

If I purchase new items for my home in order to stage it, can I take those items with me when I move?

Accessory items that are not attached to your home, may be taken. Attached items, such as light fixtures, curtain rods, plumbing faucets, etc. may only be taken & replaced, if they are written in the sales contract. Otherwise, items attached to the home, must stay.

Will I get the money I invest in staging my home back when I sell my home?

We’ve all heard the saying “You have to spend money, to make money”. This phrase is probably most true when deciding to stage your home. We believe the more important question is: “Will I have a better chance at getting my life back & moving forward, if I stage my home?”

The answer to the original question depends on a variety of variables. Some of those variables are:

  • Strength of the sales market at the time you list your home
  • Time of the year you choose to sell your home
  • Competition of similar properties in your area

Your real estate agent will be able to give you a better assessment. Real estate agents strive to get the best possible return, on the home, the homeowner provides for them to sell. It is the homeowners responsibility to make their home as attractive as possible for the agent to sell. If your agent is sharing with you that you may need to stage your home, they have seen the competition; and we advise listening to their guidance.