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Sell Your Home with Style

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I established my Design Home Staging Business to create a resource for people who are in the process of selling their homes. My business can also be used as a resource for Realtors who are looking for an added edge in the marketplace.

Often, the stress of selling a home can eliminate the joy and enthusiasm that should be a part of starting a new chapter in your life. I would like to make that process fun and enjoyable, by helping you create an atmosphere that encourages a quicker sale of your home with a greater return on your investment.

By using creative design concepts, incorporating your own home furnishings, and freshening the space with a few added updates, we will be able to transform selected room settings or an entire home; making it appear larger, bright, and more cozy. We are aware that providing this service may present a question for you as to the amount of time that this may take. Please feel confident that time is of the essence to us; and on average, we can transform six rooms in as little as two days, excluding the need to shop or to remodel where necessary.

Everyone wants a home that they can picture themselves or their families living in. The perfect fit of space, comfort, and aesthetic appeal. I want to help you portray this feeling to your potential buyers so that they can fall in love with the same home you did, however many years ago.

Sell Your Home With Style!

Lynn Kennedy, Founder

Driven to help you sell your home with style
and move on to the next phase of your life

BFA in Commercial Design from University of Dayton

20 years of professional design experience

12 years of renovation and staging
in Georgia and Florida

What Package Is Right For You?

We offer several different packages to fit a variety of budgets, and can customize a package for your needs.

We help you economize by using as many of your existing belongings as is possible to achieve your desired look.

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